Payment Solution for Your Business

Did you recently start a business from your home? Are you enjoying making money from your study room without having to leave you family? Do have plenty of ideas that can bring you big returns? You must be one of the people who have realized that working from home is not only fun but also possible. Since the booming of internet, more and more people are both working and selling from the convenience of their homes. The real time connection makes everything possible for them. And new successful businessmen emerged from all around the world.

However, doing business online from home can give you a hard time sometimes. One of the problems that you may have is concerned with the payments. You need to make sure that each payment is done directly to you, and have a record for everything. This is when SalesVu turns to be a solution for your business. With SalesVu payment services, you will be able to control everything related to your business payments without having to deal with lots of paperwork. Not only payments, SalesVu will also integrate each essential component in your business like price update, products and service and data management of your customers. SalesVu allow you to have full control of your products placed in the cloud. You can do anything from creating a list, checking which products is selling well and other that not so well.
This service is the perfect solution for you who have always dreamt of having a centralized business management. It is also good news for you who are constantly marketing products and services through Facebook. One of SalesVu latest technology is integrated with the biggest social networking media. This means that you can even get more from simply broadcasting in Facebook.

As a breakthrough, SalesVu has recently launched payment application that is specially designed to be accessed via i-Phone and i-Pad. This brilliant idea will definitely increase the productivity and efficiency of your business especially when you have high mobility. The new application allows you to check different kinds of transactions from your practical gadgets. It will also mail a receipt automatically to your valuable customers. SalesVu is by no doubt the best point of sales answer to your business payment issue. The card reader which they send directly to your house is extremely useful and more secure than other products. This will ensure that you can run your business and protect your data at the same time.