Custom Software to Support Audit Active Directory on Windows System and Network

Technology is basically designed an invented in order to provide various solutions of human problems. There are important inventions of technologies that practically change the civilization and the people’s way of life. One of those inventions is computer and its related technologies; computer’s invention and its mass production affect various aspects of human life. It provides solutions for various problems. Today, computer is involved in so many activities from business to education. Computers are used in many business fields from the production activities, management to the marketing activities. Almost every part of business activities are involving computer services in order to support, simplify and solve the problems during the activities.

On the other hand, the invention and the popularity of computer use in various aspects of human life also creates new business fields; like providing computer related services and computer technology development. Today, there are various computer brands, operating system and applications used for the daily activities. One of the most popular and most commonly used operating system is Windows. Due to that reason, there are companies that focus their services on providing Windows related services from maintenance to creating applications; like the creation of application compliance with real-time service to audit Active Directory or Windows File Systems on the Windows system or network.