Beating the Commons

You would be save, would be survive if you keep staying on the track, following the flows, merging with the regulars. But being safe and surviving, it won’t make you different than other human being; it even won’t make you different than any other species on Earth. To live this sort of life, maybe quite satisfying for some people, a sufficient content. However, if you deal with business and or marketing, regular are the wrong words. Especially in the world of social media like today, where publicity won’t deal with anything that has been done or been used.

It’s just a part of vox populi, where the people already tired with another high publicity that’s been shoved in front of their face. Using low method is the right way to reach them. Thus the marketing world praised the Lord for Facebook. Nowadays, with Facebook you can see what people really want, their types and styles, the trends, and reach them to offer what they need. And the Facebook new design really helps it. But, if you keep using the same regular Facebook timeline covers as usual, nobody would care enough to look at your page; because it would just like any other timeline. Attraction and attention are the ones that you definitely need, and to get this, you have to be different, distinctive from any other person.

A method to do this is by changing your Facebook cover how to be able to do this is very simple. You can create it by yourself, though that would be a problem if you’re not accustomed with programming and graphic design natures. If this happen, don’t worry, you can easily find websites that would offer you templates, icons, and any other unique graphics you can put in your Facebook timeline covers. The designs offered in these websites are various enough, available for any kind of design or theme that would suite your need for publicity.